Download Free WHMCS Forum Addon 3.0.2 Nulled

Free Download WHMCS Forum Addon 3.0.2 Nulled | The WHMCS Forum module is the most advanced user interaction module for WHMCS. It is a full forum application in its own right and integrates seamlessly with WHMCS and your clients. Checkout some of the great features below.

Taking advantage of the new WHMCS V6 sidebars the forum displays some “Quick Links” to make navigating the forum easier for your visitors.

Showing your forum stats gives users an idea of how active your forum is, and reassures them their dealing with a sucessfull business.

Using the V6 sidebars the forum can display a users profile, including their profile image, either by a custom image link, or via gravatar and their email address.

Mainly targeted at support, topic creators can mark a reply as the “best answer” acknowledging the reply, and making it easier for others to use the topic for similar requests. Whats more with our achievements intergration the reply marked as the best answer can award points to the poster.

To make sure search engines stay active and know where new content is on your site, we have included integration with our popular WHMCS Sitemap Module to include all your forum urls in the sitemap.

If you also use the Achievements & Rewards Module we develop you can now award points when users, create, reply and get marked with best answers with the integrated triggers provided by the module.

On top of the headline features the forum module offers:


  • Seamless integration with clients, no secondary registrations or login share needed.
  • Board and Topic Searches
  • Forums (categories), Boards (with nested boards), Topics (with replies) layout
  • Twitter bootstrap 3 styling (screenshots taken using the WHMCS six template)
  • SEO urls available (requires Apache mod_rewrite)
  • Admin Only Forums and Boards
  • User infractions and short term bans
  • Read Only / Hidden status for guests
  • Topic subscriptions and notifications
  • Clients are users, Admins are moderators
  • Create custom topic status groups, and assign groups on a per board basis
  • Custom profile data (separate to WHMCS custom fields)
  • Forum Signatures
  • Forum Avatars (powered by gravatar or custom profile field)
  • Forum Display Name
  • Custom Forum Breadcrumbs (can be enabled or disabled)
  • Optional Require Login for access
  • Online status of users
  • Front end moderation of all forum content for moderators
  • Social sharing options for forums/boards/topics
  • Todays, latest 25 and subscribed topics areas for quick navigation of topics
  • Responsive styling
  • Clean, simple, admin settings area.